Hormones… MUST they disrupt your Life?


I'm Dr Tayo!

Your Recognized Menopause Expert 

I've helped many smart and dynamic women with busy lives successfully navigate through the symptoms they are having in midlife. 

With my help, they successfully turned the tide on the debilitating symptoms that were impacting their careers, relationships and wellbeing including severe exhaustion, not sleeping well, mood swings, brain fog and being unable to focus. 

Anxiety about the future security and life they had worked so many long years for was causing a significant amount of stress.

Then to make matters worse, there was the weight gain and jiggly belly fat, no matter what they tried.

Dr Tayo has found that there are FIVE key areas - your Sassy SuperPowers that significantly impact over 80% of women.

These absolutely MUST be addressed TOGETHER for a successful outcome.


The Start Of It All

A few years ago, everything was going well.

On this particular day, I had hardly gotten through the first part of my morning at work when I got hit by the strangest sensation...

It felt like mini shocks spreading across my chest, arms and neck.
After the third one in the space of 45 mins, I realised that, even though it wasn’t hot and it wasn’t a flash, it was my body signalling that I was well on the way towards..... MENOPAUSE.  Argh!

The Full Story


Hi, I’m a Women’s Wellness Strategist, experienced physician and a social impact entrepreneur.

I’ve worked with women from just about every walk of life to help them not only understand and work through this next adventure, but thrive and flourish in a way that they never thought was possible for them.

Perimenopause was like a bolt out of the blue. I suffered hot flushes & night sweats: tossing and turning all night… I was barely sleeping at all, and as a result, I was thoroughly exhausted.  Like many of you, I was unprepared for this.

I knew I had to find a way out of this. My training in the Western Medical World had left me woefully unprepared for all the changes that were happening to me. I simply had no idea!

That's why I started searching for answers.
REAL answers. I started with the scanty conventional medical solutions that were suggested, but they fell woefully short. It wasn’t until I started pursuing other ‘out of the box’ ideas that I discovered an approach that has made a real difference.

Over the years I’ve distilled this approach into a framework I've called:
The5 SuperPowers.

The good news is that we all have them. They simply need to be (re)activated!

I’m in the best health I've ever been, and you can be too!
Which is why I’m passionate about sharing this approach with women who have had enough of the physical, emotional, mental, and sexual side-effects of menopause. 

Menopause CAN be managed without having to choose between your career and your health.

You CAN feel vibrant and alive through this stage of your life.

You CAN Get Your Sassy Back!



Serena Davies

"It was the first time I felt it was something for me... Specifically for me that I could do."


Anna Pantano

"I started implementing her suggestions and I am already seeing positive results in my energy level and overall mood. Thank you Dr. Tayo for your enthusiastic and supportive guidance."


Tricia S. 

"That night, I had one of the very best sleeps I’ve had in a very long time."

As Seen On



  • ​A-ha! I'm so tired & I'm not sleeping at all well.
  • ​A-ha!  My financial security is important so I must keep working.
  • ​A-ha! I've started putting on weight no matter what I do!

It seems to have crept up on me. I am still eating the same 'healthy' food and I exercise regularly BUT... 
I was not sleeping well - tossing and turning through the night and compensating by working more hours than ever with the same output.
I couldn't afford not to work or take time off...

Frequently Asked Questions



 How do I know if this works for me?

Our Get Your Sassy Back programs are designed to help you stay laser focused and make consistent and lasting progress. If that’s the kind of change you’d like to make, then I’m certain GYSB will work for you.

I heard you can't do anything about "The Pause"?

The short answer is that you can. We have a proven track record combining your 5 SuperPowers to give you the best outcome. 

I've been told it's normal to suffer through this. 

No suffering is 'normal'! Particularly when something there is a proven solution that has worked for me and so many other women, and we now lead rich, fulfilled lives.

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